Get fit, and get fit fast! Extremely powerfull tool for (recovery) trainers and physiotherapists involved in active rehabilitation. Developed in collaboration with our distributor (video below)

Welcome!With the new Step-Over our goal is to promote fast recovery for all sporters of all ages & abilities

The adjustable hurdle is versatile, light (1650 gram) and unique!
Used especially for rehabilitation purposes. The adjustable hurdle is suitable for the training of power and speed. Due to the easy to use mechanism the adjustable hurdle can be quickly installed and used.

The Step-Over for Jumping

Use jumping as exercise to increase your power and speed. With the Step-Over you can combine vertical and horizontal jumps, the most modern and proven method to raise start and sprint power. On the picture former professional soccer player Ekrem Kaya.

New release: The Step-Over

Improved stability and new slide functionality added. In the back 5 adjustable hurdles perfectly aligned in different heights (10cm-75cm). Besides the well-know speedfootladder our adjustable hurdle is an appropriate tool to speed up the rehabilitation process.

The Step-Over used by feyenoord

Dutch professional football club Feyenoord is already using the Step-Over. In this case a work-out with explosive plyometric exercises. Our adjustable hurdle can reach a height of 75 cm (10cm - 75cm)

The Step-Over Installed in a jiffy, easy-to-use and
used by professionals!

How to use the Step-Over?

Who is using the Step-Over?

The Step-Over is already in use at professional football clubs, professional rugby clubs, cricket clubs, handball associations, professional skating teams and even the armed forces (home and abroad). Within (sport) physiotherapy and rehabilitation the adjustable hurdle is more and more often used.

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  • International expansion

    The Step-Over is globally sold. More and more profesionals see the advantages of using the Step-Over

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